In part 2 of the ‘Meet the Characters’ articles, its Samantha’s twin brother, James Blake.

James is 14 in the first book of the series (A Class Apart). He’s more hot-headed than his sister, and when he discovers he has superpowers, he really goes for it!!!

There’s peer pressure from his mates, his body is pumped up with energy and the excitement of new abilities, and he’s not going to listen to the warnings from his sister about what might happen if he uses his powers unchecked.

James Blake from the Class Heroes books

Thrown into the mix are James’s encounters with an older girl who also has special abilities. Lolly Rosewood is the daughter of a billionaire genetics mogul called Sir Michael Rosewood. From their first encounter, there is a spark between James and Lolly; but the Rosewoods’ sinister agenda and their violent methods set the stage for a clash between the two families.

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