Screenwriter and author Anthony Horowitz supports Film Suffolk movie 'Once Upon a Time in Suffolk'

I had the great honour of talking to one of my all-time favourite writers, recently. Anthony Horowitz very kindly took the time to hear all about Film Suffolk’s latest movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Suffolk’, and he provided a lovely video message of support.

Once Upon A Time in Suffolk comprises nine different fairytale-inspired stories, each with a distinctive Suffolk flavour. I have been involved in the script editing process on this film, and I’m delighted to say we’ve got some fun and fantastic stories that we want to bring to movie-goers, all based in, or inspired by, Suffolk settings. This ranges from our gorgeous Constable country setting (and yes, John Constable will feature), to a delicious Red Riding Hood inspired tale in Lowerstoft, and a creepy tale of scarecrows that protect our wonderful landscape.

Filming begins in July 2024, and is produced by not-for-profit production company FILM Suffolk, which is committed to supporting filmmakers and promoting moving-image production in Suffolk. 

It’s not too late if you want to join in the action and contribute to our crowd funder.

Arranged through his office, I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Anthony about Once Upon a Time in Suffolk. He was keen to find out who Film Suffolk are, why we want to make movies, what we are doing to help people in our region get into film making, and took an interest in the scripts that we were developing. Anthony is an author and screenwriting whom I have admired for a long time, so for me it was a personal thrill to have the opportunity to talk with him. 

And if I haven’t managed to get you excited about the movie, then hear it from one of Britain’s best writers (and a gentleman, to boot!), Anthony Horowitz. Thank you Mr Horowitz, we very much appreciate you taking the time and trouble to offer your support.