It’s part 3 of the ‘Meet the Characters’ articles, and this time it’s Lolly Rosewood. I’m not sure we can really say Lolly is a ‘hero’ as such. Quite the reverse. The daughter of genetics mogul Sir Michael Rosewood is as dangerous as a panther. (Not the Pink Panther. A real one. She doesn’t have a giant magnet or roller skates, etc).

Lauren Rosewood (known as Lolly) is introduced right at the beginning of book 1, and she’s something of an unknown. We see her in action doing some pretty classic ‘pyscho’ things to Samantha and James, such as blowing up their school bus.

She also plays a big role in book 2, What Happened in Witches Wood, where again she is the main instrument of torture for the twins, but even at this point we don’t really get an insight into what makes Lolly tick. We can only define her by her actions, which primarily consist of violence, destruction and loyalty to her father’s machinations.

Lolly Rosewood from the Class Heroes series

Lolly comes into her own in book 3, Where’s Lolly?, where for the first time we see events unfold through her own eyes. This is the story where we truly begin to understand what motivates Lolly, get an insight into her emotional conflicts, and glimpse the beginnings of an unexpected (and ill-advised) relationship with James Blake.

After Where’s Lolly? things will never be the same again for Miss Rosewood, as we discover by her reappearance in book 4, London Belongs to the Alchemist. In this story, we see the continuation of Lolly’s emotional journey that began in the previous book. 

So there you go, a spoiler-free, potted history of Lolly Rosewood. And for fans of the fatal femme, rest assured she’ll be returning in books 5 and 6.

In the meantime, why not see her in action, facing off against an MI6 agent.