You’ve been waiting for something like five years, if we’re putting dates on it. Here it is, Class Heroes book 5 Hearts and Minds, the new superhero / young adult / fantasy / science fiction / [make up your own genre] novel. And this time, it’s not just written by me. I have a new co-author!

First let me say, it’s wonderful to have a book published again after all this time, and what better way to celebrate than by having a delicious cake?

Class Heroes book 5 and a celebratory cake

Yes, that rather large book is in fact a rather large cake, and yes it does taste as nice as it looks. It was kindly made for me by cake-making genius Di Cleaver. Thank you Di, you’re amazing.

Next, let me tell you what the book is all about. I’ll just say, the actual book is not as big as the cake.

Sixteen-year-old Lolly Rosewood, the cold and calculating anti-hero from the Class Heroes series, is back in a new, thrilling and dangerous mission.

Lolly and her father, Sir Michael, are in Montana on the track of a kidnapped girl — Erica Barrington — who they believe has superpowers. But there are other people hunting for the missing girl. Can Lolly and her father find Erica in time?

This is the fifth book in the Class Heroes series. It’s a journey of discovery — and more secrets — for father and daughter. Lolly has always trusted her father implicitly, followed his orders, and shared his goal to reach out to other people with special abilities. This mission to Montana is a new experience for Lolly as she battles to shake off the shackles of being seen as a little girl in her father’s eyes, and establish a new relationship with him as an equal.

Warning: Contains Violence, Death, Sexual References, Dark Humour and some Upper Class British Snobbery 🙂

Now I’ll introduce my co-author, Mr Samuel Osborn.

Samuel Osborn co-author Hearts and Minds

 Yes, he’s very cute, but this is not an accurate likeness of the real Sam. The real co-author Sam is a real person who I’ve really enjoyed working with on this new book. It’s been a revelation to be able to swap ideas, talk through storylines, edit each other’s work and hopefully produce a killer book. Literally a killer book in the case of Lolly Rosewood.

Enjoy. Class Heroes 5: Hearts and Minds is available on Amazon now in Kindle and paperback.