You’re Him, Aren’t You?: An Autobiography by Paul Darrow

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Well now, I really rather enjoyed that.

Paul Darrow. What a great guy. I could listen to his stories forever. And I probably will. If you’re reading this review, you’re probably a Blake’s 7 fan. Like me, you might have wondered why you hadn’t read/listened to this book before, given it was published in 2006.

I’m just glad I read it now. I’m only sad I can’t write to the author and tell him how much of an influence he/Avon (they’re kind of indistinguishable in my mind) was on my childhood and – if I care to admit it – my adulthood too.

In his charming, silky, ever listenable, conversational style, Paul recounts his early life, his induction into acting, his many theatre and TV roles, and of course Blake 7.

There are some actors who come across as almost embarrassed by some of their most famous roles. Paul Darrow is one of those people who knows what the public want, and likes to please them. There’s no shortage of B7 anecdotes, Paul’s wider relationship with the series, his friendship with Terry nation, and his praise for fellow actors. It’s all told with good humour, wit and fun. It’s a shame he never did a volume two.

There’s not many characters who have such enduring popularity as Avon, and Paul is rightly proud (and yet also modest) about his work. I finished the book feeling like I’d just lost a dear friend. Silly, I know, but there it is.

Probably there isn’t a lot here for the non-Blake’s 7 fan, unless you just like listening to the memoirs of a kind and popular actor. In which case, you won’t be disappointed.
I’d definitely recommend the audiobook over the written word. Like Orac, it’s worth every penny.

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