I’m delighted to say that Class Heroes 6 has been published and is now on sale on Amazon. It’s called Jesus of the North, and features a new hero in the world of the Class Heroes. His name is Deenpal Mander, and he has a very unusual, potentially world-changing superpower.

Who is Deenpal Mander?

Deenpal — who often goes by the name of Deen — is 17 years old. He was born in Birmingham, and is the orphaned son of Captain Opinder Mander and Captain Susan Mander (nee McDermot) of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

What’s Deen’s story?

Deen arrives in Manchester (UK), to attend some very special X-Factor-style auditions, which have been organised by Sir Michael Rosewood to try and find people with super powers.  Deen longs for acceptance and safety with other people like himself — but when is life ever that easy? His special ability brings him to the attention of crooked construction boss Richard Ratchett, and puts him in danger from the world of organized crime. Can Deen find a way to escape an evil people-trafficking network? And if he does, is accepting Sir Michael’s friendship really the salvation that he thinks it is?

Does Deen’s story carry on from the events of Class Heroes 5?

Yes it does. Without giving away any spoilers for those who haven’t yet read Class Heroes 5, this is the continuing story of the characters from the Class Heroes novels that began back with book 1, A Class Apart. Sir Michael’s desire to find and unite people with powers, wherever they might be in the world, has just been stepped up a gear. Deen is drawn to Sir Michael by his charisma, and promises of acceptance, family, and a meaning to life.

Do I need to have read books 1-5 to read book 6.

No. It works as a standalone story — but it wouldn’t hurt to give them a go 🙂

Are Samantha, James, and Lolly in it?

Not saying!

Can I read a bit, just to see if I might like it.

Of course you can! You’re a valued reader. You came to this page because you’re either a loyal fan, or you were mildly interested in this book. Either way, the least I can do is let you read the prologue.

Class Heroes 6: Jesus of the North, opening chapter  — The Prologue

My name is Deenpal Mander. You can call me Deen. 

I think I was an accident. Looking back on my early childhood, reading between the lines, yeah, no doubt about it, I was an accident. It took me until I was 15 — I’m 17 now — to realise that. 

Not that I had a bad childhood or my parents didn’t love me. They were the best. But Mum and Dad were career soldiers in the British Army — captains and doctors, both of them — and having a baby doesn’t make much sense when you want to spend your life on the front lines, right? 

Mum and Dad both died when I was eight. So Auntie Chuni, my Dad’s sister, looked after me. She was a wonderful, amazing woman who loved me every bit as much as a mum could. And then she died too. 

Sorry to start my story on such a bum note. But you see, it’s left me wondering why bad things happen to good people, and at the same time, why so many bad people go through life enjoying themselves and not suffering any consequences.

Doesn’t it all just prove that life — this world we live in — is governed purely by chance?

Like what you’ve just read? I hope so. Deen has a very exciting, roller-coaster of a story to tell.

Would you like to be a reviewer?

Can you write engaging, insightful, maybe even funny reviews?

I love a review. I love it when the review is as entertaining (or more so) than the original work. I love reading other peoples insights, understanding, and unique take on a work that I’m interested in.

For authors, there’s nothing more gratifying and rewarding than getting reviews on our books. Well… good reviews that is. No sane reviewer craves a bad review, but that just goes with the territory. But… if you’re intrigued by the prologue to this book, if you want to find out what happens to Deen…. and you fancy yourself as a bit of a critic…. then please do contact me using this website’s contact form. I will happily send you an ebook copy of Jesus of the North and will look forward to reading your review on Amazon.