I’ve had great fun in creating a book trailer for Jesus of the North, the sixth book in the Class Heroes series and the second to be co-written with Samuel Osborn.

In the spirit of collaboration, I also had some help in creating the trailer from a top-notch, hot-shot up and coming director, who shall remain nameless.

The Class Heroes series continues. The story so far…

Sir Michael Rosewood’s vision of bringing together all the people in the world who carry the superpower gene is starting to come together. 

In book 5: Hearts and Minds, we discover that Sir Michael has invested in the construction of an artificial island in the English Channel: Liberation Island. 

In this book, book 6, Jesus of the North, we learn that Sir Michael has begun a world-wide search for anybody who believes they have a super ability, or carries the required genetic material from which they might develop a power. He has extended an open invitation to all potential ‘superheroes’ to find sanctuary on Liberation Island.

If you’ve ever watched the X-Factor, or a similar talent show, you’ll be familiar with the mass audition process, as millions of hopefuls line up outside stadiums and arenas to show the judges what they can do.

Deenpal Mander arrives in Manchester (UK), and with thousands of other hopefuls, prepares to demonstrate his special ability. Will Deenpal become a superhero?

Deenpal’s mother was white, Scottish;  his father was a British-born Sikh. Both were Captains and doctors in the British Army, and died during active service when Deenpal was eight. Deen was looked after by his auntie Chuni until he was fourteen, when Chuni died of cancer. A family rift over his parents’ marriage meant that he had no other family who would take him in, and no support network.

Deenpal has been let down by the system, and he sees Sir Michael’s open invitation as a chance to start a new life with people  whom he shares a unique bond.

He’s been hiding his special ability for several years, afraid that to reveal who he really is will put him in danger. But when you have a power like Deenpal’s, people take notice. In the age of social media, it’s very difficult to remain anonymous, and there’s a whole online army of people who want to find him, and they’ve given him the nickname JESUS OF THE NORTH.

But Deenpal’s special gift, his vulnerability, and his naive decency, also makes him an easy target for the criminal underworld.

Can Sir Michael give Deenpal the sanctuary and purpose that he so desperately craves?