Duran Duran and Doctor Who — two of my great loves in life. It’s high time that the Whoniverse joined up with the Duraniverse. So here it is, the ultimate mashup. An imagined alternate universe, and the BBC have just dropped a trailer for the **BRAND NEW series of Doctor Who**. And there’s an incarnation of the Doctor that we didn’t know about. Not the War Doctor, but Le Bon Doctor, ie The Good Doctor.

If my younger self could have seen Simon Le Bon as the Doctor, my mind would have been blown.  

This video was made by combining elements from some excellent, and very Who-y Duran Duran and Arcadia videos with Doctor Who. It was amazing how seamlessly they fitted together. From ghost ships, to Autons, to oppressive regimes; not to mention scary monsters, the invasion of Gallifrey, a suspiciously familiar face at the top of the Eiffel Tower and the similarity of one of Simon Le Bon’s outfits to that used by Matt Smith in Doctor Who.

So imagine you’re watching a DVD extra about a ‘lost season’ of Doctor Who. Here’s how the episodes would have unfolded. For those who like this sort of thing (and let’s be honest, if you’ve read down to this point you’re either someone who does, or one of my most loyal friends), I’ve also referenced the Duran/Arcadia videos that I used to make the trailer. I like to think that the song titles would have made suitable titles for their corresponding Doctor Who episodes. Maybe Big Finish will make them someday 🙂

  1. The series begins with the Tenth Doctor — but after standing on a revolving fireplace, a rift in time exchanges him with Le Bon Doctor from an alternate universe. The Doctor and his plucky companion encounter the  Weeping Angels in a twisted haunted house horror. (The Flame.)
  2. The Doctor lands in the Caribbean and comes face to face with the horrors of the Night Boat. (The Night Boat.)
  3. The Autons return to break out of high end department stores, intent on conquering the world. (Reach Up for the Sunrise.)
  4. Two Doctors meet up at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Could the rift in time that brought The Good Doctor into our universe be connected to Count Scarlioni’s experiments in 1979? (A View to A Kill.)
  5. The cracks in the timeline are becoming more widespread. A fascist dictatorship has taken control of the world. (New Moon on Monday.)
  6. In the Doctor’s quest to restore the timeline, he discovers his tenth and eleventh self trapped inside a suspiciously familiar looking triangle… The Time Lords’ timescoop!  (Is there Something I Should Know?)
    Tenth Doctor trapped in the Time Scoop There's something you should know. The Eleventh Doctor is trapped in the Time Scoop
  7. The Doctor finds himself out of time — quite literally — and trapped inside the Confession Dial. (Goodbye is Forever.)
  8. Escaping from the Confession Dial, and sure now that the Time Lords are responsible, the Doctor travels to Gallifrey. But the Time Lords have problems of their own. Their society has broken down and their cities have reverted to barbarism. (The Union of the Snake.)
  9. Wouldn’t you know it — it was Davros and the Daleks all along. The Tenth Doctor is still trapped in the time scoop, and all hell is let loose on Gallifrey. (The Wild Boys, and The Flame.)
  10. It’s a fight to the death inside the Matrix for the series finale. (Hungry Like The Wolf).

I hope you enjoy the trailer.